Handlungsbestimmungen - Sønderborg Lufthavn



Opening Hours

Opening hours are in accordance with AIP Denmark or published NOTAMS



Jet A1

Upon requirement of Jet A1 outside of the airport’s advertised opening hours, a refueling fee of DKK 544.00 is charged, and an opening fee must be paid for the time when, by arrangement, the fueling service is made available – in accordance with opening fees.



Section 1

117,50 DKK per 1,000 kg. is calculated according to the aircraft’s max. takeoff weight

Platform service (airside) alone: 60% of full price
Passenger service/traffic service (landside) alone: 40% of full price
Minimum service price, 100%: DKK 610,00
For aircraft with MTOW of 5,000kg or over, there is a minimum compulsory airside charge (70,50 per 1.000kg) min.: DKK 370,00*
For cargo flights there is an extra charge per 100kg loaded/unloaded: DKK 10,00

* Aircrafts taxing directly to/from hangars, technical flights and school or training flights are exempt from handling tariffs.

Section 2 – Airside service

  • Marshalling of aircraft, for arrival or departure
  • Placement/removal of chocks in cooperation with the pilot
  • Placement/removal of safety pins, propeller straps and engine covers
  • Placement/removal of steps
  • Loading and unloading of baggage and cargo

Section 3 – Landside service

  • Production and distribution of departure/arrival-related documents
  • Passenger service and guidance at check-in
  • Ordering and distribution of fuel etc.
  • Inspection of baggage and people

Section 4 – Additional equipment and services

The following additional equipment and extra services can be requested during airport opening hours. Prices are for every partial half hour used.

GPU 28 VDC/115 V 90KVA DKK 305,00
Forklift truck (2 tons), including 1 operator pr 30 mins DKK 762,00
Crew hire, per hour DKK 381,00
Aircraft wash per wash (self-wash) aircraft under 2,000 kg. DKK 75,00
Supplementary services
Heater for every 30 min. DKK 457,00
Stairs DKK 435,00
CAT 6 (within published opening hours*), first hour DKK 4.352,00
CAT 6 (following hour) DKK 1.469,00
CAT 7 (within published opening hours*), first hour DKK 8.704,00
CAT 7 (following hour) DKK 2.938,00
*Outside published opening hours,CAT 5 opening hours must be paid, see Tariff Regulations §6.
Landside handling (>48 pax) outside operational hours pr hour (minimum 3 hours) DKK 490,00
Landside handling (49-63 pax) outside operational hours pr hour (minimum 3 hours) DKK 979,00




Taxi and de-icing within opening hours* DKK 544,00
Taxi and de-icing outside of opening hours DKK 3.264,00
De-icing – per litre, type 1

DKK 37,00

De-icing – per litre, type 2

DKK 47,00

* De-icing must be completed within opening hours



Sonderborg Airports responsibility

For customers of Sonderborg Airport’s products and services, Sonderborg Airport is only liable for errors, deficiencies, interrupted services, delays and suchlike, in the event that Sønderborg Airport has acted with gross or intentional negligence.

Sonderborg Airport is not obliged to make provision, nor responsible for making any compensation, for damages resulting from force majeure, or any other circumstances which are out of Sønderborg Airport’s control, irrespective of whether Sonderborg Airport itself is directly involved in the dispute etc in question, or whether the circumstances affect only part of Sonderborg Airport’s operations, including for reasons of:

  • legal regulations and measures taken by the authorities
  • natural catastrophe, existing or imminent war, insurrection and civil unrest
  • strike, lockout, boycott or blockade
  • sabotage, terror and vandalism, including computer virus or hacking
  • failed electricity supply or telecommunications, along with a failure or lack of access to IT systems, or damage to data within these systems attributable to the above-named occurrences, regardless of whether it is Sønderborg Airport or an external supplier who is responsible for the running of the system/s, along with other similar circumstances.

The customer is not entitled to compensation from Sonderborg Airport for loss of earnings or any other indirect losses incurred.

This applies equally to instances of Sonderborg Airport’s provision of deficient products and services, as to instances of defaulted or delayed provision.



Regarding liability and indemnity, the provisions of IATA Airport Handling Manual, (AHM 810) Standard Ground Handling Agreement 2004, Article 8 „Liability and Indemnity“, Sub-Article 8.1 – 8.5 will apply to all ground handling services provided.
The limit of liability referred to in Sub-Article 8.5 of the AHM 810 Main Agreement shall be as follows: Aircraft Type Limit (per incident) in USD.


Aircraft type Seats Limit (per incident)
AT72 USD 100.000
Falcon 7X, Falcon 2000, Falcon 900, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, Cessna Citation USD 75.000
All other business jets not mentioned 1 % of aircraft value Min USD 50.000
Helicopters 5 % of aircraft value Max USD 100.000


The customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Sønderborg Lufthavn from any and all claims related to damage to or loss of aircraft leased or chartered, hired or operated or otherwise utilized by or on behalf of the aircraft operator to the extent such claims exceed the above mentioned liability limitations.

Notwithstanding Sub-Article 8.5 of AHM 810, Sønderborg Lufthavn is not liable for any damage to the
customer’s aircraft, which occurs during the time the aircraft is stowed in a hangar and parkining area.
Neither Sønderborg Lufthavn nor our employees, servants or agents shall be liable for or be obliged to indemnify any indirect loss; consequential loss; loss of profits; loss of revenue; loss of goodwill; loss of opportunity; loss of use/business; loss of data; or increased costs or expenses. For the avoidance of doubt Sønderborg Lufthavn.



The management can dispense from the handling regulations.  



The handling regulations are settled from the Sonderborg Airport. They are valid from the 01.02.23 and are valid until further is noticed here on the website.