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Sønderborg Airport’s goal is to be the best regional airport in Denmark. Our goal applies to all passengers, customers and partners.

Travelling from Sønderborg Airport should be quick, easy and flexible. This is quite simply a better way to travel, where extra costs in the form of wasted time in traffic, expensive parking and waiting times at the airport are unknown concepts. That’s why we offer free parking and only a 15- minute check-in time before departure. The flight time to Copenhagen is just 35 minutes. This means that you can attend a meeting at Kgs. Nytorv in an hour or be on an SAS plane to Shanghai just 1 hour after taking off from Sønderborg.

Those who travel with only hand luggage will be able to save a lot of time and go directly to their gate upon arrival at the airport.


We also want to be the best regional airport for business.

Several well-established base companies are the backbone of our versatile business environment. We have airlines that serve both Danes and foreigners with scheduled flights and business jets. A trip to LA or Cape Town is therefore not unusual at Sønderborg Airport.  Companies based at Sønderborg Airport also carry out aircraft maintenance, aircraft software development and consulting services here.

Our location is both scenic and central. We are located right by the water and don’t get any complaints from the neighbours, yet we’re only a stone’s throw from Sønderborg city centre. The local area is open and growth-oriented, and there is great support for the airport’s activities. In Sønderborg, the sound of a jet engine is not a nuisance – it’s the sound of success.

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