Camera surveillance - Sønderborg Lufthavn

Camera surveillance has been set up to safeguard:

  • Airport facilities and aviation. Personal Data Regulation, Article 6, para. 1. point c).
  • The airport’s property (against theft or vandalism) and its staff, as well as ensuring no unauthorised access to the cordoned off areas. Personal Data Regulation, Article 6 para. 1. point f).


Both travellers and employees must be safe when travelling through Sønderborg Airport. That is why we have installed camera surveillance. Signs clearly show where the airport surveillance is located.


Surveillance data will only be used in the event of a specific incident, and data will otherwise be deleted on an ongoing basis in accordance with the provisions of the law. You can read more about what rights you have over data concerning you on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website.

Please note that in order to provide the requested service, we require certain basic information from those seeking rights. If the person in question wants such information to be deleted in whole or in part, there is a possibility that they will not be able to use the services available at the airport, or that they can only use parts thereof.