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An airport should not only be a pleasant experience for the passengers, but also for the flight crews. Sønderborg Airport warmly welcomes you. If there is anything we can help with, you are very welcome to contact the office, the terminal or one of our employees on the forecourt.

These pages contain essential operational data and tariff regulations. If you require any further information, please send us an email.


The airport terminal building to the right of the entrance has a self-briefing station. This is where pilots can check the weather, NOTAMs and any active shooting areas, as well as dispatch flight schedules. Remember to write your telephone number(s) on the flight plan and then wait for a clear message from Copenhagen briefing before you go out and start the aircraft.


Jet A1 DKK 8,34  1,12 Euro


All prices are subject to VAT according to current rules

Payment with a petrol card:


Sønderborg Airport cannot prepare or deliver catering services. We refer to Det Franske Hus and Sønderborg Catering. Ideally, catering should be ordered two days before scheduled departure. Ordering and invoicing is done directly between the operator and the catering company.

Det Franske Hus
Email: info@detfranskehus.dk
Phone: + 45 73 44 10 04
Website: https://www.detfranskehus.dk/

Sønderborg Catering
Email: sc@adis.dk
Phone: +45 71 72 45 00
Website: https://sonderborgcatering.dk/