Liquids - Sønderborg Lufthavn

Liquids and fluids include:

  • Water, juice, squash, soup and syrup
  • Perfume, aftershave, eau de cologne and similar
  • Partially liquid substances such as shampoo and toothpaste
  • Oils and creams
  • Contents in pressurised containers, e.g. deodorant or shaving foam
  • Mixtures of solids and liquids.


The EU has adopted rules limiting the amount of liquid that air passengers are allowed to carry in their hand luggage. Therefore, you must not carry liquids in containers that can hold more than 100 ml in your hand luggage. You may bring more than one 100 ml container in hand luggage, as long as they all fit in a transparent, resealable bag with a total volume of 1 L. Larger amounts of liquid must therefore be packed in hold luggage that you check in.

Certain liquids are exempt from the rules, e.g. baby food and medicines to be used on the trip. However, security personnel may require proof of authenticity for the liquid.

You are welcome to bring liquids purchased after the security check.