Check-in - Sønderborg Lufthavn


We ask you to check-in at Sønderborg Airport 1 hour before the expected departure time if you are travelling abroad, and just 30 min. before departure for domestic travel.

When you travel with Alsie Express, you can check-in at the airport, where our staff are on hand to assist you.

It is not a requirement to bring a passport for domestic travel, but you must always bring a photo ID, e.g. your driving licence.

Special goods

If you want to bring a pram, bicycle or similar larger luggage, you must check-in no later than 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Checking in at Copenhagen Airport

If you are travelling from Copenhagen with Alsie Express, you must check-in at least 30 minutes before departure. You can do so at Terminal 3. Your luggage must also be checked in at Terminal 3.

If you are flying from Sønderborg to Copenhagen and will then travel further afield from Copenhagen, your check-in time will depend on the airline you are travelling with, as well as your final destination. Contact your airline for details.

Online check-in

Travelling with Alsie Express? Check-in from home online – click here!