Luggage - Sønderborg Lufthavn


Find out more about our luggage requirements for both hand luggage and when checking in your suitcase. You can also see our checklists on how to pack smartly and get through security quickly.

The EU has adopted rules that specify what you can carry in your luggage. The rules apply to all air passengers departing from EU airports.


A significant part of the EU luggage rules is about restricting liquids in hand luggage. You must not carry liquids or fluid substances in containers that can hold more than 100 ml in your hand luggage.

Read more about carrying liquids in your luggage here.


See how best to pack your hand luggage:

  • Always put electronics and liquids on top as these must be removed from your bag at the security checkpoint
  • Only carry liquid in containers that can hold max. 100 ml.
  • Pack your toiletries in a transparent, resealable bag of max. 1 L in total.
  • Remember – only one plastic bag of toiletries/liquids per person.


The following items must not be carried in hand luggage:

  • Pointed or sharp objects, e.g. scissors and knives
  • Explosive or combustible substances, e.g. fireworks or gas canisters
  • Firearms or similar objects, e.g. starting pistols or harpoon rifles
  • Blunt objects that can cause personal injury, e.g. golf clubs or baseball bats.


See the correct way to pack your hand luggage at home in the video below.



The luggage you check-in should contain the vast majority of your items, including:

  • Liquid containers that can hold more than 100 ml.
  • Tools
  • Knives
  • Sharp objects such as razor blades
  • Legally owned weapons and ammunition (must be reported at check-in)
  • Toy weapons.


There are certain things that you must never carry in your luggage – neither in your suitcase nor in your cabin bag.

  • Explosive, corrosive and flammable substances such as camping gas and flammable spirits
  • Oxygenated, toxic and radioactive substances
  • Magnetic materials
  • Fireworks
  • Narcotics
  • Bleaching agents
  • Paint and the like.

Our security personnel have a duty to reject objects that they believe could threaten flight safety.


It is important for flight safety that you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Is this your luggage?
  • Did you pack your luggage yourself?
  • Are you sure that no one could have added something to your luggage?
  • Do you know the contents of the gifts in your luggage?