Weapons - Sønderborg Lufthavn

Remember to bring the following paperwork:

Hunting gun: Valid hunting licence

Hunting rifle: Valid hunting licence and firearms permit

Sports weapons: Valid shooting association membership card and a carry permit.


If you want to bring weapons (e.g. for hunting or sports), there are some safety rules that must be observed. If possible, the weapon must be disassembled and the base packed separately. If you have ammunition with you, it must also be packed separately, and neither weapons nor ammunition may be carried in your hand luggage. You can bring a maximum of 5 kg of ammunition, and it must be packed in the original boxes.


If you travel to another EU country, you must also bring an EU weapons passport. When travelling to countries outside of the EU, you must present a weapons declaration.

You must arrive for check-in 1 hour before departure to allow our airport staff to review the paperwork and check the weapon.

Read more about weapons and ammunition on board aircraft on the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority website.