Getting out into the world is quick and easy - Sønderborg Lufthavn

Getting out into the world is quick and easy

Sønderborg Airport is a lovely place to be, but the point isn’t to spend all day here. On the contrary, the most important task of the airport is to get people out into the world quickly, efficiently and safely.

At Sønderborg Airport, customer service is a high priority. You will be greeted by welcoming staff, free coffee and a selection of magazines and newspapers. Yet we don’t really want passengers to spend a long time at the airport – instead, our focus is on getting travellers through the airport as quickly as possible without compromising on security.

“The airport is simply designed to send people on their way, because the passengers we serve are usually busy people. In the longer term, we need to be able to do much more, but right now our main purpose is to offer an effective alternative to the slower forms of travel,” explains Airport Director Christian Berg.

The airport operates according to European standards

Although Sønderborg Airport now has a number of years behind it, safety on land and in the air is completely top-notch. For example, the security area has been upgraded with a new scanner similar to the ones used at international airports. That’s because in a European-certified airport, everything needs to work optimally.

“We are certified under EASA, which is equivalent to an ISO certification in other types of companies. This means that we have to meet a large number of requirements that apply across Europe, and we are supervised by the European airport authorities,” says Berg.

It is not only your personal safety that is paramount, your luggage is also in good hands.

“We have a service called one-stop security. In principle, it ensures that you can drop off your luggage in Sønderborg and pick it up in Sydney without having to give it a second thought while you are travelling”, says Berg, who has no doubt about where Sønderborg Airport makes a difference.

“Sønderborg Airport is small and flexible – and we offer efficient and fast movement between different parts of the country. Our biggest strengths are the short distances and fast processes, which mean that we get people from Sønderborg out into the rest of the world (and vice versa) quickly”, says Berg.