Sønderborg Airport concludes a unique agreement

Sønderborg Airport concludes a unique agreement

A strengthened collaboration between Sønderborg Airport and technology company CPHI-Holding A/S provides new opportunities for the local area. Both companies believe the collaboration will generate growth and more jobs.

New initiatives at Sønderborg Airport will optimise the site’s technological possibilities and increase cooperation amongst companies in the local area. As part of this strategy, Sønderborg Airport has strengthened its collaboration with Danish company CPHI-Holding A/S, which improves technological solutions at airports worldwide.

Together, they have established a Smart Tech Cluster at Sønderborg Airport from 2023. The airport will serve as a testing, training and innovation centre for CPHI, which will develop new technologies and products in cooperation with local companies, the University of Southern Denmark and international experts.

For Sønderborg Airport, the extended collaboration makes a lot of sense.

“We are delighted that CPHI has chosen Sønderborg Airport as their main base for development and training. Working with them is in line with the master plan we have worked on for many years, which involves attracting companies that want to join us on our journey. CPHI fits in extremely well, as they are first-movers in their field,” says Christian Berg, CEO of Sønderborg Airport.

CPHI has already moved into the airport and will now begin implementing technological solutions, which include ways to move passengers through security faster and improved baggage handling.

CPHI also welcomes the cooperation.

“I define this agreement between us as a milestone to promote and develop innovation for the airport segment while also bringing our customers from international airports to Sønderborg to test and train in our technologies at our new facilities at Sønderborg Airport. With our strong presence at Sønderborg Airport, we hope to help build synergies and added value for the area as well as for other companies and, not least, educational institutions and the university,” says Peter Scheuer Jensen, CEO of CPHI-Holding A/S.

The agreement not only benefits the airport, but the entire region, explains Berg:

“Basically, it’s about creating jobs. If we think of the airport as a catalyst for many of the things happening in Sønderborg and we attract companies that have the same idea of making a difference, then this agreement makes a lot of sense.”