Tariff Regulations - Sønderborg Lufthavn

Tariff Regulations

This Tariff regulation has been translated directly from the Danish language.

In the event of any discrepancies between the Danish and English language versions, the Danish language version is the governing text.


General provisions

Section 1

Aircraft using Sønderborg Airport will be charged in accordance with this Tariff Regulation.


Section 2

The Tariff regulation contains regulations for take-off charges, Passenger charges, Parking charges and Opening charges.


Section 3

All charges are exclusive V.A.T.


Section 4

All weight limits in this Tariff Regulation are MTOM (Maximum Take-Off Masse) in kilogram according of the aircraft´s certificate of airworthness/flight manual. In cases where aircraft have a flexible MTOM, the weight factor will be determined on the basis of the highest certified MTOM, for which the aircraft is certified in its country of registration.


Starting Fee

Section 1

For every takeoff, the following fees must be paid, calculated on the basis of the aircraft’s MTOW:


Aircraft up to and including 1,999kg
Takeoff fee

DKK 104.00

Aircraft of 2,000kg or above
Every initiated 1,000kg takeoff

DKK 50.00

Minimum takeoff fee

DKK 226.00

Minimum takeoff fee for aircraft requiring fire crew support

DKK 732.00


The fees outlined above can be reduced or waived, under the conditions name in §3 og §7.


Training flights

Section 1

For training and practice flights, the full fee is paid for the first takeoff – but there is then a 70% reduction on each subsequent takeoff during the same flight session.


Section 2

For training and practice flights, any aborted or “touch and go” landing approaches are considered to be takeoffs.


Section 3

A condition of obtaining a reduction in fees under section 1, above, is that it must be notified in advance to the airport’s harbour office.


Annual pass

For the following aircrafts it is possible to purchase an anual pass by contacting the airport administration:


Section 1

Aircrafts with a MTOW up to and including 2000 kg DKK 1,794.00 


Section 2

Annual passes are issued and administrated for each individual aircraft subject to its registration in Nationalregisteret for Luftfartsfartøjer (the Register of Danish Aircrafts) drawn up by Trafikstyrelsen (Danish Transport Authority). If the aircraft has been registered as owned by a company registered in the Danish Central Business (CVR) Register or a group of more than three persons, an anual pass cannot be issued.

Annual passes are only for private hobby flying and cannot be used for business flying.

The annual passes is only valid during the published opening hours of the airport.


Passenger fees

Section 1.1

The fee applies to every departing passenger, whether paying or non-paying. Aircraft with an MTOM of under 2,000 kg and children under the age of two years are exempt.

DKK 134.00

Section 1.2

For aircraft used for sightseeing flights, there is, in addition to any fees outlined in §2, a passenger fee.

Per passenger, whether paying or non-paying:

DKK 11.50


Section 2

Fee per passenger in transit.

DKK 49.00

If the passengers remain on board the aircraft, no fee is due.


Section 3

Passenger fees are not paid by the airline’s operative personnel (pilots or cabin crew) on working flights; nor by children under the age of 2.


Section 4

Separate, additional charges may not be levied on passengers.


Section 5

For aircraft, there is – in addition to any takeoff or passenger fees outlined in §2 and §4 – a security fee for all departing passengers carried by an aircraft with an MTOW of 2,000kg or over.

Per passenger 

DKK 20.00


Parking fees

Section 1

For an aircraft’s stay on a parking area with a solid surface, a holding fee is paid for every full or partial 24-hour period, for every full or partial 1,000kg of the aircraft’s MTOW, after the first 6 hours, at a rate per unit of:

DKK 10.00

Minimum fee per 24-hour period:

DKK 91.50

Section 1,2

For an aircraft’s stay on a parking area with a grass surface, a holding fee is paid for every full or partial 24-hour period, for every full or partial 1,000kg of the aircraft’s MTOW , after the first 72 hours, at a rate per unit of:

DKK 10.00


Section 2

Parking fees can, if the parking is for a period of no less than one month, be paid as a rental fee instead, which will be fixed by arrangement with the airport. This fixed rental fee must be paid in advance for the agreed period, and cannot be refunded, even if the period ends up extending over a longer timescale.

Subletting is not allowed.


Section 3

Companies which are based at Sønderborg Airport do not pay parking fees for aircraft which are in weekly service. A condition of fee exemption is that parking occurs according to instructions from Sønderborg Airport, and that the aircraft will be moved immediately to a different parking area upon request.


Section 4

When conditions deem it necessary, Sønderborg Airport can at any time demand that an aircraft be moved to a different parking place than the one originally specified. It is the aircraft owner (user) who must ensure that the aircraft is stationed securely, and who must take any other safety precautions that conditions may demand, or that may be stipulated by Sønderborg Airport – including net markings.



Opening Charges

Section 1

For the opening or use of the airport outside of normal opening hours, the below fees must be paid, for every full or partial hour used, from the time when the airport is requested to be opened, until such time as the aircraft servicing etc is complete. The fee must be paid in addition to any usual charges.


a. CAT 1-4 (1st Apr – 31st Oct), per full or partial hour:

DKK 1,226.50

Extra charge for Sundays or national holidays, per opening:

DKK 614.50

CAT 1-4 (1st Nov – 31st Mar), per full or partial hour:

DKK 2,578.00

Extra charge for Sundays or national holidays, per opening:

DKK 614.50

b. CAT 5 (1st Apr – 31st Oct), per full or partial hour:

DKK 1,966.00

Extra charge for Sundays or national holidays, per opening:

DKK 1,226.50

CAT 5 (1st Nov – 31st Mar), per full or partial hour:

DKK 3,316.00

Extra charge for Sundays or national holidays, per opening:

DKK 1,226.50

For points a and b, refuelling and platform service may be requested.
c. If the airport opening doesn’t occur within or contiguous to normal opening hours in the evening (max. 1 hour afterwards), it will be calculated for a minimum of 3 hours.


Section 2

The opening fee must be paid for each individual aircraft, regardless of whether the airport has already been opened on request.


Section 3

If the airport is opened on request for simultaneous use by several aircraft belonging to the same airline, only one fee is paid per full or partial hour, calculated from whichever aircraft would normally pay the highest fee. A condition of this is that the aircraft in question use the airport within the same hour.


Section 4

Any cancellation of a request for airport opening must occur at least 2 hours before the airport’s regular, advertised closing time.


Fee Exemptions

Section 1

Exemptions from the payment of takeoff or passenger fees as outlined in §2 and §4 apply to:


a. Technical test flights of navigation or landing aids
b. Gliders without their own propulsion mechanisms
c. Technical returns, understood as forced returns after takeoff to the same airport from which takeoff occurred, as a result of technical difficulties, insurmountable weather conditions or similar.
d. Aircraft performing search or rescue services
e. Aircraft owned by or rented from Statens Luftfartsvæsen (Denmark’s Civil Aviation Authority)


Section 2

The terms for claiming exemptions under points a, b and e, is that they are reported individually to the airport’s control tower or harbour office in advance.


Section 3

Exemptions for payment of the aircraft parking fees outlined in §5 apply to the aircraft named in Section 1, points d and e.


Other regulations

Section 1

Charges relating to this fee regulation must be paid in cash to the harbour office in advance of the commencement of every planned flight.

If airline companies or individuals fly from Sønderborg Airport as a rule, however, they can arrange with the airport management for occasional payment in arrears. The terms for such deferred payments are set by the airport management.


Section 2

In the event of insufficient cash payment without prior arrangement, an administrative charge will be added per. late payment demand DKK 69.50 


Section 3

In the event of non-payment of charges, the regulations in § 71 and § 146 of aviation law will apply, regarding distrainment and retention.


Handling Regulations

Sønderborg Airport can offer a range of traditional service benefits (both land and airside). See Sønderborg Airport’s Handling Regulations.



The Airport Director can offer exemptions from fee regulations, in the event that there are no other objections on principle nor any wider economic implications; or where the Airport Director finds other business-related grounds for a temporary fee reduction.



The airport is not responsible for theft, along with fire, water or other damages, with regard to the aircraft, its outfitting/equipping, staffing, passengers, loading etc, during the aircraft’s stay at the airport, both inside or outside of hangars.



This fee regulation is set by Sønderborg Airport. The regulation is effective as of 01/01/2024, and valid until further notice.

At such time, the fee regulation for Sønderborg Airport of 01/01/2023 will also cease to have effect.