A sustainable airport - Sønderborg Lufthavn


Sønderborg Airport wants to make a positive difference – now and in the future.

We are moving the world closer to South Jutland and Northern Germany, and we are doing it responsibly.

Getting out into the world is easy and fast

Sønderborg Airport is a lovely place to be, but the point isn’t to spend all day here. On the contrary, the most important task of the airport is to get people out into the world quickly, efficiently and safely.

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Sønderborg Airport must be one of the world's most sustainable airports

Sønderborg Airport is absolutely crucial when it comes to making the Sønderborg area an attractive place to live. That is why, according to the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation, it needs investment. The Foundation has big goals to develop the airport in a more sustainable direction.

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Sønderborg Airport concludes a unique agreement

A strengthened collaboration between Sønderborg Airport and technology company CPHI-Holding A/S provides new opportunities for the local area. Both companies believe the collaboration will generate growth and more jobs.

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